Work is a very important part of life in Canada. Before you start to work, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Alberta Employments Standards

Rules, regulations and compliance measures for employers and employees in Alberta workplaces.

Occupational Health & Safety

Alberta OHS works in consultation with industry to help prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Online Resources

Preparing to Work Before Arriving in Canada

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) is an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded program that delivers free services for job readiness, success and retention before arriving in Canada.

Resources and courses are offered at no charge, these include: one-on-one orientation, job search support, employment counselling, and workplace culture training, as well as referral to a wide range of services.

Working in Alberta: A Guide for Internationally Trained and Educated Immigrants

Publisher: Alberta Human Services
Format: Publication, 64 pages

Have you obtained your education and skills training outside of Canada? Working in Alberta can help you research your occupation in Alberta, look at other work alternatives and become familiar with the Alberta workplace. You'll find information on topics including recognition of international qualifications, registration and certification, occupational information, career management, job search skills and the labour market. It also includes information about the agencies, professional organizations, government departments, websites and publications that can help during this period of transition.

Easy Reading Find a Job

This work-related guide uses stories and exercises to help Albertans with low literacy skills find the job they want. Easy Reading Find a Job covers important topics such as: how to write a resumé and cover letter, where to look for a job, how to fill out application forms and how to have a good interview. Readers are encouraged to contact their career advisor or tutor for help when referring to this article.

Easy Reading Training for Work

This work-related guide uses stories and exercises to help Albertans with low literacy skills get the training they need to succeed in the labour market. Easy Reading Training for Work contains information on alternatives to the traditional full-time classroom setting such as mentoring, volunteering, self-study, short-term courses and on-the-job training to help boost employability. This article also explores career interests, different learning styles, advantages and disadvantages of various training options, and where to look for training opportunities.

Easy Reading Be Safe at Work

Be Safe at Work provides easy-to-read information about how to stay healthy and safe on the job. It illustrates how to spot danger, use safety equipment, report injuries and share health and safety concerns with employers.

Learn About Employment Laws and Standards

Find information about Alberta employment regulations, legislation and standards to make your workplace safe and productive.

Cover Letters and Emails: Opening the Door to an Interview

Writing a strong cover letter or email increases your chances of getting an interview. A cover letter or email introduces your resumé or application form to an employer. When you write a cover letter, your goal is to get the employer’s attention by showing how your skills and accomplishments make you a good fit for the job.

Resumés and References

A well written resumé and good references are both key to your work search. Find out how to craft a high impact resumé and who to ask to be your the references.

Tips for Writing Your Resumé

Discover a few key tips for writing a resumé like how to use action words and how long your resumé should be.

Let's Talk: A Guide to Resolving Workplace Conflicts

If you've ever experienced disagreements in the workplace, this article is for you. The conflict resolution methods presented are helpful for employees and employers of large, medium and small organizations, whether it's a private sector company or a not-for-profit association. Contains information on how to handle situations internally and where to get outside help.